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 Engage your brain and enter The Mind’s Eye Podcast with DJ BJ Turnof. You're now standing at the intersection of the history and mystery, science and the strange, and crime and the sublime. Hosted by Brian Turnof with an open-minded perspective, The Mind's Eye often veers listeners into new and unexpected territories. 


Brian's diverse background has carved out a unique perspective and interest in a variety of subjects, hence, the "never know what you'll get" focus and format.  BJ became intimately familiar with how history is written by the winners through educational gaps from his past experiences as a teacher. As a self-business owner of an inspections company, he saw firsthand how the government and financial institutions took advantage of the poor and disadvantaged. Incorporating these experiences with time in traditional radio, Brian created TME to shine a light on the hidden, often dirty crevices of history and the present to find kernels of truth and give voice to the voiceless.


Since 2009, Brian also moolights as aparanormal researcher and investigator who

has conducted lectures and workshops across the East Coast. His current day job is 

working with seniors at a retirement community. 


Listen to The Mind's Eye, Thursdays at 10pm EST on Stitcher Radio.



Brian also has a current bimonthly cohosting gig on NBC Radio's House of Mystery

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