The Mind’s Eye podcast thoughtfully examines wide-ranging topics with a focus on

cutting edge scientific theories, current and historical events, morality and politics, as

well  as, pop culture and the esoteric. Hosted by Brian Turnof with an open-minded

perspective, The Mind's Eye often veers listeners into new and unexpected territories. 


 As an experienced NYS teacher, Brian is intimately aware of how history is written by

the winners through educational gaps and disinformation ultimately blurring the lines

between reality and fiction. By shining a light on the hidden, often dirty crevices of

history, TME hopes to find kernels of truth and give voice to the voiceless.


Past professional experiences include stints in traditional radio as a DJ, and a

Promotions Director for a Top 20 market radio station. Since 2009, Brian also moolights as a

paranormal researcher and investigator who has conducted lectures and workshops across the East Coast. During the day, he is a self-business owner in fraud prevention. 


Listen to The Mind's Eye, Thursdays at 8pm EST on Stitcher Radio