January 14, 2021

Richard Heath - Systems Designer & Author

Richard Heath explores how the number science behind ancient monuments gave rise to religions and spiritual practices.  Richard decodes the angelic science hidden in a wide range of monuments, including Carnac in Brittany, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, early Christian pavements, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Stonehenge in England, and the Kaaba in Mecca. 


January 28, 2021

Brian Tuohy - Gaming Authority & Author

The sports entertainment complex generates 73 billion dollars per year for owners, players, investors, and advertisers. With that much money at stake, do you really think that the sports profiteers are leaving anything to chance? Brian Touhy, the renegade expert sports watchdog, has once again gathered the facts and figures that expose the abject, greedy collusion of professional sports leagues.