Vampirology: Science of Vampires

June 16, 2021

Dr. Kathryn Harkup,  Science Communicator & Author

Our fascination with the vampire myth has scarcely diminished since Bram Stoker’s publication of the classic Dracula tale in 1897, but how much of the lore is based in fact and can science explain the origins of horror’s most famous fiend? Vampirology charts the murky waters of the vampire myth – from stories found in many cultures across the globe to our sympathetic pop-culture renditions today – to investigate how a scientific interpretation may shed light on the fears and phenomena of the vampire myth.


Chinese UFOs & Sanxingdui

June 20, 2021

Shao Ma, Chinese Ufologist & Consciounsess Researcher

Chinese ufologist Shao Ma gives insights into the Chinese UFO community, and how they survive under China's tightened political control. Shao also shares her own contact experiences with  non-human intelligences (NHI) through various paranormal modalities. To wrap up the show, we tease her Contact in the Desert lecture about the discovery of China's lost civilizaton Sanzingdui that rewrites history. 

Remote Viewing

June 22 2021

Stephan Schwartz, Scientist, Futurist, Historian

Stephan A. Schwartz was part of the small group that founded modern remote viewing  research, and is the pricipal researcher studying it's usage in archaeology. As part of his CITD lecture and workshop, Stephan will teach the art and science of remote viewing and participants will take part in an ongoing research experiment that looks into the future. 


Time Travel & Human Evolution

June 24, 2021

Dr. Masters examines the premise that UFOs and Aliens are simply our human descendants, returning from the future to study us in their own hominin evolutionary past. His book, Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the UFO Phenomenom, challenges readers to consider new possibilities while cultivating conversations about our ever-evolving understanding of time and time travel.