5/21: Shroud of Turin Holy Hoax

The history of the Christian church is strewn with holy relics and artifacts, none more controversial than the Shroud of Turin, the supposed burial cloth of Christ. Medieval scholorar & art historian Dr. Gary Vikan unravels the mystery of the world’s most controversial relic. Combining copious research and decades of art world experience. Gary Vikan shows how one of the greatest hoaxes in the history of Christian relics came into being. 

5/28: Speaking of Jung Guest Highlights

TME host Brian Turnof flips the script and guests on a very special quarantine episode of the Speaking of Jung podcast with Laura London. Brian will share personal stories from his past experiences as a paranormal investigator, Freemason, and travels researching American history. We'll also touch on topics from fascinating episodes of TME like Oak Island, Knights Templar, Charles Manson and more.    

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Houghton Manson

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Houghton Manson

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