10/1: Shakespeare Suppressed

William Shakespeare is the most celebrated and most read poet and dramatist in history, but his personal life and artistic life is a mystery. How did he obtain the extensive learning and experience displayed in his works? When were his plays written and why were his works so often pirated by printers? Although publicly lauded during his lifetime, why was Shakespeare's death not noticed by those in the literary world near the time that it had occurred? Fully documented, Katherine Chiljan presents 'Shakespeare Suppressed' as a valuable resource for those who want to learn the unadulterated truth about Shakespeare and his works. 

10/8: America's Stonehenge

The hidden history and mysteries of America's Stonehenge is revealed.  Located in New Hampshire, this 7,000 year old site tells the story of unknown builders who created the enigma.  Did Native Americans utilize novel engineering feats, or did western European megalithic builders journey across the Atlantic and establish a ceremonial center here? 

10/15 The Wells Gray Park Murders

Murder Times Six: The Wells Gray Park Murders shines a spotlight on the crime that captured the attention of a nation, recounts the narrative of a complex police investigation, and discusses whether a convicted mass murderer should ever be allowed to leave the confines of an institution. Most importantly, it tells the story of one family forever changed.

10/22 Tom Petty Birthday Special

Journalist and musician Paul Zollo talks about Tom Petty, one of the great songwriters of American rock 'n' roll, on what would have been his 70th birthday.  Zollo shares his impressions of Petty from a series of authorized in-depth discussions with Tom about his career, with special focus on his songwriting. Zollo's book Conversations With Tom Petty is the first authorized biography to focus solely on the life and work of the man responsible for some of the most memorable rock anthems of a generation. 

11/5 Sex with Presidents

NYT Bestselling author Eleanor Herman uncovers the bedroom secrets of American presidents and explores the surprising ways voters have reacted to their leaders' sex scandals. In Sex with Presidents: The Ins and Outs of Love and Lust in the White House, Elearnor shares how many of the nation's leaders have been anything but pure. Herman will share sex scandals like Alexander Hamilton's steamy affair with a blackmailing prostitute, JFK's penchant for nude swimming sessions with the White House female staff, and that rocked the nation's capital and shocked the public. 

11/12: Nobel Prize Corruption

A revelatory examination of the Nobel Peace Prize—the most prestigious, admired, and controversial honor of our time.The Nobel Prize, regardless of category, has always been surrounded by politics, intrigue, even scandal. But those pale in comparison to the Peace Prize.In Betraying the Nobel, Norwegian writer Unni Turrettini completely upends what we thought we knew about the Peace Prize—both its history and how it is awarded.

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