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TME and Quarto Knows are teaming up for the perfect graduation or Father's Day gift. You can win a Free Copy of "Rubber Band Engineer" by Lance Akiyama. All you have to do is subscribe to the TME  Facebook or Twitter social media pages. Then, send us a message and say you want to enter the giveway. That's it! Don't worry if you already follow us because your name has already been automatically entered. Contact Us if don't have social media, but want a chance to win.  


Shooting far, flying high, and delivering way more exciting results than expected are the goals of the gadgets in this book. Discover unexpected ways to turn common materials into crafty contraptions that range from surprisingly simple to curiously complex. In vivid color photos, you'll be guided to create slingshot rockets, unique catapults, and even hydraulic-powered machines. Whether you build one or all 19 of these designs, you'll feel like an ingenious engineer when you're through. Best of all, you don't need to be an experienced tinkerer to make any of the projects within. All you need are household tools and materials, such as paper clips, pencils, paint stirrers, and ice pop sticks.


Lance Akiyama combines tinkering and education into a single aspiration: to create a better world by inspiring the next generation of innovators with exciting hands-on projects. He has created project-based learning tutorials on, started an after-school engineering service, and is currently employed as a STEM-based curriculum developer for Galileo Learning. Lance spends his free time designing elaborate plans for advanced contraptions, keeping journals in cryptic backwards writing, and attempting to fly by strapping paper wings to his arms and leaping from rooftops. 



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